Andrew Nowland

Company Director

With more than 20 years of experience in the electrical trade, Andrew knows the industry inside out and is passionate about passing that knowledge down to the team. He is well organised and has great attention to detail.

Andrew is exceedingly experienced in UPS, data centers and critical environments.

Scott Nowland

Company Director

Scott is passionate about the company and the work we do. With nearly 20 years in the electrical industry, he is highly experienced and well liked. Both friend and mentor to the boys, Scott proves you can have a laugh while still being extremely well respected.

Hayden Sanders

Senior Electrician

Hayden started his apprenticeship with us and has been with Laser Hume for many years now.  Because he started his career with us, he has learned our ways very thoroughly.  Hayden has always been a hard worker and has gained experience in all fields of electrical work.  He is a great asset to Laser Electrical Hume and always generates great feedback from our customers.

Ben Harper


Having completed his apprenticeship with Laser, Ben is now a fully-fledged tradesman.  Like Hayden, his experience has been molded by the values of our team.  Friendly and hard-working, he is taking his first steps on a much greater journey.


Ben Roddy


Ben has experience in many different areas of the electrical industry and is a good mentor for our apprentices. Always friendly and knowledgeable, he is a pleasure to have in our team.

Ryan Barlow

Apprentice Electrician

Ryan began his apprenticeship with us in 2016 and has quickly become a valuable part of the team.  Ryan demonstrates a hard-working attitude and is very keen to learn the electrical trade.  We all hold great hopes for Ryan in his coming years.


Matthew Sanders

Apprentice Electrician

Matthew has only recently become a member of the Laser Hume family, but has been keen to learn and work hard. His first strides along a greater path have been strong and confident, with many more bright things to come. We look forward to watching his progress.

Leanne Nowland

Accounts Manager

Leanne has been with the company from the start and is responsible for accounts, payroll and keeping the company running smoothly.

Daniel East

Administration Manager

Chances are that if you’ve called us in the past year, you’ve spoken with Daniel.  Having worked in Administration before with a background in the Electrical trade, Engineering & I.T, Daniel lends his skills to ensure that the day-to-day running of the company is kept smooth.  This allows Andrew & Scott to go do all the important stuff.


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